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  • Cotton Suits

    Cotton Salwar Kameez – Always in Vogue

    For ladies there can actually be nothing more comfortable and graceful than cotton Salwar Kameez in the hot and humid climate. It in fact works like a show stealer and a good quality Salwar Kameez never goes out of fashion. Cotton is one of the highest sold fabric worldwide because of its unmatched appeal, comfort and durability. It is one of the highest selling items in the Indian clothing industry. Salwaar Kameez is a kind of clothing which is affordable and looks very elegant. It is a great wear for every kind of occasion. When you are out there in the market looking for a good quality Salwaar Kameez you will be surprised to see the abundant variety. iClothmart is a reputed company which is well known for offering the best quality Salwaar Kameez to the customers. We offer such impressive and wide variety that it actually gets very difficult to make a selection. Some of the different kinds of varieties to choose from are listed below:

    1.       Pure Cotton Salwar Kameez: This variety is specifically very popular in the hot and humid season because it is very comfortable. The fabric is breathable and allows the sweat to evaporate very fast. Generally it is seen that the clothes made from pure cotton shrink, especially when washed for the first time. The fabric is extremely cool and can be worn with great ease when the weather is excessively hot. It keeps the skin perfectly dry and this quality adds to its high demand. So all those Salwar Kameez which are made from pure cotton are highly comfortable, available in various designs and affordable.


    1.       Khadi Salwar Kameez: This is a kind of viscose blended and fine cotton. This type of cotton is also associated with different kinds of qualities. It is used alone or can also be blended with other fabrics for manufacturing clothes. Khadi clothing is very popular these days because it is not only very comfortable but also looks very trendy. The fabric is in high demand because of the unmatched simplicity associated with the Khadi clothing and the Khadi Salwar Kameez never goes out of fashion. Khadi apparels are sure to grab attention and stand out due to the matchless elegance.


    1.       Mix Cotton Salwar Kameez: These are not made up of pure cotton and have a ratio of 50 percent of other fabric and 50 percent cotton. Such clothing is generally preferred by all those who want salwar Kameez, which does not shrink too much after the first wash. This mixing gives firmness to the clothing and this quality adds to its popularity.


    1.       Other Cotton Salwar Kameez: Ahmedabad Cotton, South Cotton, Rajasthani Cotton, Crush Cotton, etc. are in great demand. The difference in fabric depends largely upon the origin and proportion of cotton.


    The beauty of any clothing depends largely upon the comfort and durability. There is no better fabric than cotton to be worn during the extremely hot summer season. The popularity of the cotton clothes is not only seen in India, but can also be witnessed overseas. It is the best fabric to keep the body completely dry even in the sultry season and is available in a large variety of gorgeous and bright shades.

    So for online Cotton Suits Shopping, trust iClothmart, one stop shop for all kinds of amazing cotton suits which shall suit the different tastes. Whether, you wish to add one in your party wear collection, or for daily routine; our vast collection shall definitely appeal you. Check our complete collection of cotton suits online right now. 

  • Chiffon Suits

    Having you been awing Bolly wood actresses or telle stars wearing trendy Chiffon suits? If yes, then now it’s your turn to make heads turn, shop the latest design chiffon suits online at iClothMart and make this possible. iClothMart brings to your vast collection of chiffon suits right to your homes. Just browse our website and we shall deliver the suit selected to you right to your door steps. Some of the chiffon fabrics are made of nylon, rayon, polyester, silk or cotton. You can get both formal and informal suits made in chiffon.

    Why Chiffon suits?

    •          Chiffon is a trendy and beautiful fabric which is very comfortable to wear and looks elegant too.
    •          You get a vast choice when it comes to colors and styles of suits made from chiffon material.
    •          Just match with simple accessories both kinds of real and costume and any girl will look chic.
    •          Chiffon fabric suits all types of body types and they look beautiful.
    •          Normally, the suits made from this fabric are summery and sheer.
    •          The suits made are normally layered so avoid transparency.

    Why select iClothMart for Online shopping of Chiffon Suits

    •          We present before you the largest collection of Chiffon suits to appeal to varied tastes of people.
    •          We have both formal and informal collections so that you pick one for every occasion.
    •          The prices quoted are very affordable so that it suits every pocket.
    •          We even have a sale section for those, who believe in shopping bag full always!

    Always get confused what to wear to your office the next day? Shop with us and love your wardrobe. If your colleagues at school don’t believe in repeating their suits, then why should you lag behind? Shop your favorite chiffon suits and other kinds from our website and update your wardrobe. Make a style statement at your next wedding by shopping with us! Browse through our entire collection here. 

  • Georgette Suits

    Are you prepared for the wedding season coming up? With the onset of June, we tend to

    welcome the most romantic season of the year- the monsoons. And it happens to be the most

    auspicious period to tie the knot as well. Though, apparently everyone is excited about the

    wedding, but at the back of the minds, there is one common tension – SHOPPING! From where

    shall you be able to shop for the latest design of suits, sarees and lehangas. Not only the

    shopping of the bride is important, but also of each lady that will be attending the marriage,

    from the sister of the bride to some distant aunt. All the ladies want to flaunt their collection. It

    is indeed a challenging task, but only any longer with iClothMart. We bring to you the most

    vibrant and exotic collection of Georgette suits that shall suit every taste irrespective of age.

    Why Shop from iClothMart

    Online shopping of Georgette suits is made easy with our portal. You get to browse through the

    wide collection of suits that we bring to you at affordable prices. The quality of the suits is never

    compromised. What you see in the photographs is what is delivered to you. We have happy and

    satisfied customers all over. On top of that, we have sale on various suits, so take advantage of

    our ongoing discounts and shop for georgette suits right away.

    Dazzle in your next wedding and be the star in your office by shopping from our store. We

    deliver at the earliest without you having to wait for your order.

    Why Geogette Suits this season

    Georgette is the most favored fabric when it comes to designing Indian outfits for parties.

    The fabric has flowy touch and makes a woman look the most beautiful lady.

    Thus, browse through our full collection of georgette suits and we are sure you’ll like one for

    everyone at your home.

  • Chanderi Cotton Suits

    Originating from Chanderi in Madhya Pradesh, Chanderi Cotton is popular for its light weight, glossy transparency, sheer texture and handloom clusters. Suits in Chanderi give a very opulent feel. Thus, a must for every wardrobe.


    Dating back in history, it is believed that Shishupal, a cousin of Lord Krishna founded Chanderi. In the middle of India, where people suffer scorching heat from the sun, women feel extremely comfortable in the Chanderi texture. The fineness of the fabric is loved by all the women. We have seen that even the Queens loved this fabric and it was one of the most expensive and exclusive even at that time. The clientele ranged from royalty to the nobility, from the queens of Gwalior, Nagpur and Baroda, all preferred Chanderi outfits. This fabric is indeed a perfect summer option.


    Best known for its handloom clusters, the fabric is a wonderful mixture of silk and cotton. The talent and skill of weavers give a miraculous shape to this fabric. To shop for the exclusive range of Chanderi Suits, one had to go to Madhya Pradesh, where it has its origin, but not any longer with iCLothmart, we bring to you  the most unique and striking collection of chanderi suits in our shopping portal. Order online and enjoy the collection sitting anywhere in India. Make a fashion statement in your office or flaunt the latest designs in your college, our collection will surely suit the tastes of girls and ladies both.

    Why iClothMart for Chanderi Cotton Suits?

    When summers are at its peak, every woman or girl gets tensed about their wardrobe. Isn’t? They want to be comfortable and stylish at the same time. We at iClothmart, put in all the efforts so that shopping for your new wardrobe in every season is easy and simple. We present to you, our new collection of Chanderi Cotton Suits with appealing colors and latest designs. Thus, when the sun is at its peak and you all ladies out there, want to be stylish at the same time, it’s time for you to shop from our exclusive collection of Chanderi Suits.

    Why Chanderi Suits?

    Chanderi suits can be worn anywhere, both casually and in parties. At iCLothmart, you will find a vast range of Chanderi Suits perfect for every occasion. We have picked every piece of Chanderi Suits, keeping in mind the latest fashion and choice of the ladies. The cuts and designs of these dresses surely will make you look prettier and more attractive. These dresses will make stand out from the rest of the crowd. These are elegant yet simple adornment of gota work, embroidery, lace strips make these suits more fancy and rich. Dresses which are simple and fancy at the same time, the desire of every women! The color combinations and designs of all the chanderi cotton suits will surely appeal you. We present before you our new collection of chanderi suits.

    Go ahead and take a look at our entire collection of Chanderi Cotton Suits. 

  • Brasso Suits

    Buy brasso suits from this category. You can find here brasso punjabi suits, brasso straight suits etc at best price.