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Women ethnic wear advance to plenty relevant looks and enormous different outfits; from the casual wear to ceremonial and party wear. Getting the on trend styles and the new look can be impressive just by following some rules of fashion trend setters. You don’t want to overdress, but must try to be presentable and look fashionable, with less rem...

Women ethnic wear advance to plenty relevant looks and enormous different outfits; from the casual wear to ceremonial and party wear. Getting the on trend styles and the new look can be impressive just by following some rules of fashion trend setters. You don’t want to overdress, but must try to be presentable and look fashionable, with less remarkable effects.

Ethnic wear in enticing styles can be really noticeable, just by following some trendy wear steps of ethnic wear for women. Ethnic wear for women include Salwar suits, Sarees , Lehenga Choli and are in great demand and fashion today. These ethnic wear for women sustain a large trend representative, big thanks to the popular fashion designers of ethnic women wear creations who make it appealing, comfortable and keep up the distinct factor alive. Let’s talk about the fashion prominent for ceremonies and occasions and the trend which has come up in women ethnic collection.

Dressing up according to the Occasions:


First we talk about Party wear: The mind boggling styles of salwar suits and sarees. Trailing your favorite designer and creations inspires you to put on the magnificent look to your own party, can be marvelous look pop out. Do have a look on the on trend salwar suit types like the long length Anarkali suits as well as new hemline cuts with stylish cuts and sarees types like lehenga choli style or stitched saree which are in huge demand. The type of fabric which is in trend is heavy net, chanderi silk, chiffon, georgette, net, raw silk and net jacquard.


You can think of choosing Half and Half saree style which looks absolute stunning with two different fabrics and two unique colour, do it your choice fashion designer way, take look over sabyasachi work in nets, then nets are aiming in jacquards. And the most popular trend where a simple plain, single coloured saree have an attractive and highlighting border which makes it look fabulous.


Always look for the trendy colours in plain sarees like the seasonal colours, we believe plains go well with bright solids like red, grey, black, blue, soft pink, white and other pastels. At the same time heavy half and half sarees can aggregation of more harmonizing or monochrome or complementary colours.


Wedding Style Wear: This comes to consideration to have a deep watch on the upcoming trend and the trend which are set that combines to give a full on alluring look at the weddings. The bridal wear is the most assertive pick for the wedding and other ceremonial look. The salwar suits, sarees, lenhega cholis have a fashion statement with ethnic wear for women as wedding wear motive.


 The upcoming styles as a fashion in the wedding wear depends on the themes, many people follow their themes, which coordinate with designer theme concept or the dress colour code. The classic and prime styles still have a huge impression and inspiration, which highlights the classy and royal look into the casual wear. The vintage themes of design patterns and colours are in daily talks.


The most trendy colours in today’s ethnic women wear includes the pastel peach, hot pink, magenta, fluorescent shades have got loads of consideration and still leave a style statement wither in heavy work concept or delicate ethnic wear concept. The distinct bright shades, royal blues and blues have got an attention with contrasting schemes of magenta and scarlet in bright shades and attractive golden embroideries. And the earthy and beiges shades have got the dominance of classy look with fashioner designer concept mixing it with more red maroons and more pastels. Yes of course rusts, maroon and red will always be in trend, just blend them with latest on trending colours for bridal ethnic women wear.

The type of saree with silhouettes and half in half concept with net, heavy embroideries, silks, brocades and enhancement with the golden work donw on the borders of the sarees. Nowadays pre stitched sarees are in trend, the ones with exquisite work patch on drape areas for extra effect. Depending on the color theme, the silhouettes of Lehenga choli are flared in form of kalis, full flare or kali less flare standing out with work all over the butta concept. Net lehengas, Barbie styled silhouettes in bell shape are all in high couture fashion.
The fabric used to make such designs is rich in look and plain sheers are added to add glamour work. The fabric that is in trend is for ethnic bridal women wear includes chiffon, textured fabric, georgette, jacquard net, velvets, net brocades, silk and raw silk.

Formal Ceremonial wear: For such themes soberness and sophistication comes into existence. Rich fabric with minimal work that displays more elegance and classy effect and also the red carpet fashion works well with this theme. The effects can be added by broader contrast in embroidery, plain sarees in solid colors and eventually the salwar suits. The occasion also welcomes salwaar suits in floor length anarkalis or the straight cut churidar suits.
The darker tones of the sarees like bottle green, red, navy blue, maroon, black and nuetrals like grey and beige will also do. Some salwar suits have simple sober color themes and design concept. Nowadays a plain suit with bright coloured dupatta fabric will do great work. A plain long floor length Anarkali with beautiful gotta patti work is in fashion and the fabric can be georgette, silk, raw silk or cotton silk with simple borders or we panel print all over the length of suit looks fabulous. We can wear a churidaar along with the Anarkali and will do just fine for other formal occasions. Always feel free to try new ethnic women wear in new styles and looks as long you follow all the trendy stuff and fashion designer in the fashion season. There is much to analyze or try when it comes to new trend in women ethnic wear.


We at iClothMart, understand all the different requirements which shall occur for ladies wear, thus we present all the kinds of different ladies wear online. Shop Online! Browse through our entire collection and enjoy Shopping..

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  • Sarees

    Sarees are an integral part of the culture of Indian subcontinent. India is a well-known place for various

    types of sarees and you will easily find different varieties of sarees in every Indian state. Saree is

    undoubtedly one of the most admired Indian ethnic wears that makes a woman look beautiful. Most of the

    ladies wear attractive sarees casually, during wedding or during some special occasion; sarees are widely

    used in offices as well. Therefore we can say that sarees and Indian women are inseparable as they are a

    part of every occasion.

    Embroidered Sarees :

    This is the type of saree which many ladies like wearing on special occasions like

    marriage and other individual important occasions. Most of the makers use fabrics like silk, georgette, and

    chiffon to design embroidered sarees. These sarees have special designs and you can find high-quality

    materials utilized to give the final design. As a result of the craftsmanship in embroidered sarees, you

    might find them unique in comparison to many other products of similar range.

    Special Silk Sarees :

    These sarees are also very popular among the masses. Silk sarees are also

    considered as party wear and it is popular among ladies all around India. There are different types of silk

    sarees available and some famous options are Banarasi silk, Tepata silk, and Kanjivaram silk. You can

    also find handmade sarees under this category which are just awesome.

    Sarees for Regular Use :

    Many makers make simple and beautiful sarees for regular and formal use. You

    can get some exciting options in an affordable price range as they are primarily used for offices and other

    professional meetings. Cotton is among the main fabrics utilized by the designers. So if you are looking

    for some good outfits for your office then check these sarees.

    It is vital to know how to drape a saree well because it can make or break the deal. If you are draping it

    flawlessly then you will certainly get an elegant appearance. Check www.iclothmart.com to know more

    about high-quality sarees. It is the place where you will always get the right deal exactly as per your

    requirement and expectation. You can get bridal sarees, georgette sarees and many more.

  • Salwar Suits

    There was a time when Salwar Suits were popular only in North India. However the time has changed a lot now and the popularity of these suits have crossed many barriers till date. It has undoubtedly become one of the most famous attires throughout India these days. You will not only feel comfortable while wearing this outfit but you will also get a glamorous look. Salwar Suits are available in various designs, colors and sizes. Therefore you can get the attire of your choice very easily.

    Salwar Suits are primarily related to Mughal era but these days you can find it in different patterns giving you a number of alternatives. You can now get straight Salwar Suits, flat Salwar Suits and designer suits with special designs on neckline. The arrays of Salwar Suits are increasing with every passing day and iCloth Mart is the best place where you can easily find the outfit of your preference. Here you can select full sleeves Salwar Suits as well as sleeveless Salwar Suits. These suits are available in attractive colors and designs.

    The popularity of Punjabi Salwar Suits is well-known to us and you can visit the iCloth Mart website to get the right outfit comfortably. The embroidery as well as the outline of these suits will naturally grab your attention. You can check Salwar Suits for different occasions like parties, marriages, as well as for regular usage. The creative design of dupattas available at iCloth Mart website can make the difference all together. Here you will always get the best deal and high-quality customer service.

    Those who love to appear stylish can check the suits with Patiala Salwars and jackets. Check cowl drape suits if you are searching for some colorful options. A number of other outfits like Zardosi, dhoti style Salwar Suits, plain Salwar Suits and Salwar Suits with different kinds of embroidery are present here with various exclusive offers. Many of us like wearing suits with decorative buttons also. So you can check these kinds of Salwar Suits also without any issue. There are embroidered collar suits which look extremely elegant. So if you want an excellent suit that you can wear in your office then iCloth Mart is the right place to visit. Shop for the right dress and enjoy a wonderful shopping experience here. You will not be disappointed with any of your deal.

  • Lehengas
  • Kurtis

    Kurtis – Adding Elegance to Your Wardrobe

    Over the period of time the women’s clothing and designs have witnessed endless changes. The fashion is ever changing and to be in vogue is a dream of every woman. One of the apparel designs that have amazingly improved in the recent years is the kurtis for ladies. These have successfully added an alternate opinion to the storage room of every woman. The modern kurtis that we get to see now is a more trendy and tasteful version of the usual kurtas.

    What is a Kurti?


    A kurti can be compared to a kind of shirt that is long and will fall at some spot between your waistline and knees. The length can vary and this clothing can be worn by women of every age group. It is a style staple and is well known for its unmatched comfort and elegance. It is particularly popular in the spring or summer season and surely makes you look super chic. These tunics or kurtis may vary in cuts, appearance and easily go with the embellishments. You must know that the kurtis are much shorter in length in comparison to the normal long kurtas. These involve a blended lengths sack that can move from the mid-length of the thigh to below the knee. While teaming up the shorter kurtis with jeans is a great idea, the longer ones go superbly with leggings or Patiala Salwar.

    Which Fabrics can be used for Kurtis?


    Generally lighter fabrics like crepe, cotton, chiffon, workmanship silk and georgette are used for these fashionable kurtis. Such fabrics are great for casual wear. These not only add to the comfort but also to style factor. The fashioner kurtis can be easily worn on any occasion or formal event. For such kurtis the fabrics that are popularly put to use are silks, brocades, velvet, lustrous silk and organza. You need to make sure that the attire you select for a special occasion is a perfect blend of embellishments, fabric and shade.


    How are kurtis different from the regular kurtas?


    When you decide to go for a kurti one thing is for sure that you will stand out in the crowd. These are not like the usual kurtas that offer only comfort and no-item factor to the wearer. You will surely be noticeable and look very stylish if you are wearing a trendy kurti. In case you wish to add Indo-Western touch to your clothing you can go for prints and weavings like screen printing, bloom weaving, digital work, sequin embellishments, tie and colour, chain attach and much more. If worn appropriately the kurtis can turn out to be the best and most comfortable Indo-Western outfit that is suitable for women of every age group.


    Important style tips:


    Some of the simple tips can work wonders in adding to your complete look. In case you wish to go for a kurti in pastel or white shades, you must go for dull or splendid tones in your Patiala Salwar. But just in case you want to go for a pair of jeans with your kurti then always select flimsy jeans. Flared jeans is a big no. If you wish to go bold with the kurtis you need to pick up one that has a lighter fabric. It can be highlighted with unbalanced cuts and tasteful prints. You can wear it like a sharp dress and you are all set to go for a special night. Right beautifications also play a major role.


    For exploring the impressive and wide variety of the most stylish kurtis browse Iclothmart. You will definitely like the collection that is not only trendy but also of the finest quality. Scroll down to view the entire collection of formal and informal kurtis.

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